Thursday, April 27, 2017

Using QR Codes In The Classroom

QR (Quick Response) codes are a really fun way to incorporate technology in the classroom in a fun and easy way to get students learning.

Whenever you go shopping you see these little tiny squares full of black and white squiggles, these are no starting to show up more and more in classrooms. Posting QR codes around the classroom and school, students can quickly learn information by just scanning then with their laptop or mobile device camera.

How to make a QR Code

When a QR code is scanned by a QR code reader, a URL will be pulled up on your device. Once you decide the information you want to create, then go to the website called "QRStuff". Once on this website, enter in the URL you want and the program will make an image for you!

After doing a little bit of research on Pinterest I found a few ways to put these useful QR Codes to the test in the classroom! 
  •  Scavenger hunts- Students are found to be very motivated when allowed to move around the room. 
  • Self-checking- During small group time when the rest of the class has work time, the teacher cannot assist and checking their work when they are finished. QR codes can help students solve problems independently and then can a QR code to get immediate feedback. 
  • Listening centers- Creating a bulletin board with many QR codes that take students to various stories they can listen to on their own. 
  • Take home QR codes- Attaching QR codes to homework assignments can assist students at home when they need help by taking them to a video tutorial. 
These are just a few ideas on how to use QR codes in the classroom. If you do a little more research you will find there are MANY more ways and you can find many of these on the internet! 

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